Conversations In The Free Library Movement

18th November 2019

14th November 2019. Children's Day. A turning point for TCLP, as our first generation of student leaders sat down for a no-holds-barred conversation about the #FreeLibraryMovement.

They minced no words presenting a strong case for community libraries that welcome all. They shared deeply personal experiences to illustrate how path breaking a free library can be.

Here's a recording of the conversation.

Scroll down for time stamps of the discussion points.

Our Student Council member Divya Singh sharing her journey with TCLP

We are grateful to FICA - Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art for opening up their space for this important discussion. In the fishbowl: Bhawna, Sumit Parewa, Nunihar Khatun, Rajni Roy, Divya Singh and Ajay Singh.

Time stamps:
01:19 - How do family & friends understand our relationship with the library?
14:14 - Who runs the free library? What is the role of the Students Council
17:02 - The Journey: Transforming from library members to library leaders
24:19 - Future of Free Libraries & The Free Library Movement
31:13 - Audience Q&A: How do free libraries help us become better readers?
33:10 - Audience Q&A: Why must community libraries be free?
39:45 - Audience Q&A: The reading habit is alive and well at the free library
43:34 - Can the free library serve those who don't or can't read?
50:07 - TCLP's anthem 'Kitabein Bolti Hain', written & performed by Dean Swag and Kranti Ke (Shivam Singh).  

The Community Library Project
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Illustrations provided by Priya Kurien.
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