Guidelines for Social Media and Online Conduct 


We Do Post:


Project-relevant Links, Photos & Videos that pertain to activities of The Community Library Project or are relevant to the reading program and our core values of 'reading is thinking' 'pyaar se' etc.


Project-relevant Text /Image Descriptors that do not include personal information about children, parents, library members, staff or volunteers, without prior permission or notifying the subject (or guardian). The tone we employ for our social media platforms is one of inclusion, of being part of a library movement collective and above all ‘pyaar se’ i.e. with love & kindness.





In general, please refrain from taking personal selfies in the library (especially with other members or volunteers in the frame).


General Photography Guidelines:

Please refrain from taking personal photographs during work-hours unless they are for a specific purpose related to library activities, e.g.: contributions for our social media platforms.

Consent from those featured in the frame is necessary.



Getting consent can be tricky – especially from children or adults who are unfamiliar with social media.

It is important to:

  • Take the time to ask if you can take a photograph
  • Explain social media & the Internet – showing them on your smartphone helps.


Framing & Composition: Please refrain from taking close-ups of members (specially minors) outside library spaces. It is best to take wide-shots with groups of children engaged in activities related to reading, thinking & playing within the context of TCLP. Reflect on the narrative your frame is promoting and whether it is in keeping with the safety & dignity of our members. 


We Don’t Post:


  • Personal Information without Permission about children, parents, library members, staff or volunteers without prior permission. This includes: last names, work/residential addresses and any personal details not pertaining to The Community Library Project.


  • Advertising and/or Promotional Materials for Unrelated Projects or commercial enterprises without authorization from The Community Library Project.


  • Chain, Spam or Junk mail or any other type of unsolicited mass e-mail to people or entities that have not agreed to be part of such mailings.


  • Culturally, Politically or Religiously Insensitive Material that might be considered offensive.


We Like Positive Social Media Interaction


  • Comments or Links that Inform and Promote Discussion relevant to The Community Library Project.


  • Respectful Dialogue without attacking the character of other users or those featured on the Project’s sites. We have zero tolerance for abuse, insults, cyber-stalking or harassment of users/ those featured on said sites.


  • Passing It On With The Project’s Consent and sharing material (text, photos or videos) from the Project’s sites to other (online or offline) platforms after notifying The Community Library Project.


*In case of doubt, do reach out to the Social Media Co-ordinator of The Community Library Project.