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The Visiting Author Program - Sahitya Sabka, Duniya Sabki

Sahitya Sabka, Duniya Sabki is the visiting author/artist program which involves writers, poets, and artists presenting their work to a packed audience of adult and upper-group members right here at TCLP. Poetry readings by Mangalesh Dabral and Akhil Katyal, for instance, saw participation by both first-time visitors and seasoned library members.

Making such cultural events possible in the community is an important part of our work, and resonates strongly with our aim to create accessible spaces of engagement with art and literature. The name "Sahitya Sabka, Duniya Sabki" imagines just that: a world where literature is the estate of not only a few people, but is written for, by, and about all of us.

We regularly host these programs at both our libraries. Details about them can be found on our events page.

The Book Club

The Book Club program keeps both volunteers and teenage members busy in reading and thinking about diverse texts and their histories in anticipation of an animated discussion. The group meets twice a month to talk about chosen novels, short stories, plays or poetry and so far it has made possible a hugely successful dramatic production of Devdutt Pattanaik’s Sita, and has traversed an extensive reading list including Little Women, Manto's short stories, The Diary of Anne Frank, Pinjar and many more. The Book Club is a way of sharing the insights and joys of reading, thus taking the phrase “reading is thinking” to the next level.


There is no tool more effective in the development of a community as the empowerment of its women. This creates power in individuals over their own circumstances, their community and society. Adda held every Wednesday at TCLP- Sikanderpur is an interaction with women of the community to empower them to discuss issues of importance in their lives.

Done through story telling, films and rounds meditation, the topics selected each week is varied but always focussed on helping them create a strong independent identity by knowing themselves, their rights and duties as citizens. Discussions about nutrition, gender equality and community welfare are also some of the common themes. It has become a platform for women to express themselves confidently in an environment of trust and mutual respect.

Theatre Workshops

The Theatre Workshops often held within the TCLP space aims to provide our members a safe way to experience different situations and exposes them to a brand new set of vocabulary, as well as a new way of communicating. These workshops are open to all, making the “arts” more accessible, and are designed to encourage members to think and question. 

Fittingly, our first collaborative production with Aagaaz Trust – our longstanding theatre partner, was called 'Duniya Sabki'; asking the fundamental question, "Kya duniya sabki hai? Agar nahi, toh kyun?"

Arts And Crafts

Arts and Crafts workshops are another attempt to engage members beyond reading. Our libraries have once-a-week Arts and Crafts sessions for Lower and Upper groups, where our members work with whatever material is available on hand to express their creativity. It makes our members aware that the library is not only for reading. With this program, TCLP intends to give a free reign to imaginations and make members experience that words are not the only portal to a world of fantasy. The finished artwork from each session often finds places of pride on various library shelves. 

Game Room

At TCLP, we believe that things done with happiness and "pyaar se" often go on to bring joy to all they encounter. The Game Room is an excellent program to that end. Once a week we encourage a fixed number of library members to collect tickets to a room especially designed to be one where they can "play" and "be happy". The Game Room in each of our branches has multiple indoor / board games where children are given unstructured time (about an hour) to interact and play with games that are not only fun but also boost their communication and cognitive skills.

Gender, Rights program

The YP Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to empower young people to access critical information about their health, education, and rights. At TCLP, they conduct their "Know Your Body, Know Your Rights" program regularly. This series of workshops involves a group of members led through interactive activities, skits, and discussions to raise awareness and reduce stigma around various issues of gender, sexuality, consent, violence, and health faced by youngsters. The workshops cover myriad topics like physical changes during puberty, consent, and gender - encouraging participants to challenge their own preconceived notions of normalcy and breaking down inhibitions around “taboo” topics. 

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