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The Community Library Project believes all people should have access to books. We are a low-cost, citizen-led initiative. We are committed to the work of building the movement for a publicly owned, free library system that is accessible to all.

सभी का स्वागत है

The Reading Project - Open Source Curriculum

We have found that many of our members can read words, but do so very slowly. We’ve developed ways to help build reading fluency. Several of the practices we used could be easily adapted for use in schools, even ones with poor teacher:student ratios. They are easy to implement for teachers, research-proven, and all it requires is time, books and commitment.

Detailed program notes and evaluation summaries are available here.
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Our Student Council

The Student Council, made up of committed members are leaders and advocates in the library movement. The Student Council is responsible for the circulation program, for doing read alouds, for creating and implementing programs with the help of staff and volunteers.

  • Keeping tabs on circulation is a serious responsibility
  • Helping out at an Arts and Crafts event
  • Making sure Read Aloud sessions are fun
  • Making sure all member data is up to date 
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From Our Journal

किताबें बोलती है “दुनिया सबकी है!”

आज का दिन कुछ बोरिंग सा था। मैंने इस बोरियत को दूर करने के लिए किताबों  के ढेर से आखिर एक किताब को ढूँढ ही लिया जो मेरी बोरियत को दूर करने में मेरी मदद कर सकती थी। किताब का पहला पन्ना जिस पर बहुत ही खूबसूरती से लिखा था “दुनिया सबकी” – सफ़दर हाशमी […]

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सोच बदलती है, तो लाइब्रेरियां क्यों नहीं! 

पढ़ना सोचना है…! आप पूंछेंगे कैसे? तो ज़रा सोचिये कि जब हम किसी चीज़ के बारे में लिखा देखते हैं, या पढ़ते हैं तो उससे संबंधित चित्र, विचार, कल्पनाएं तरह-तरह की बातें मन में उमड़ने लगती है। बिना किसी कि परवाह किये हम उस बात के प्रति अपना ही दृष्टिकोण या नज़रिया रखने लगते हैं। मगर […]

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Events At The Libraries

Read Aloud sessions, Arts and Crafts time and talks by special guests. Events at our libraries are fun, informative and inclusive.

Creating Self Portraits Using Tempera Paints
Sector 43  •  January 20, 2020  •  3.00pm to 4.30pm

Ruchi Dhona from Let’s Open a Book will conduct a series of five art sessions where members will create a self portrait using tempera paints. The self portraits will be created based on close observation and creating lines, mixing colours and creating textures. Members will also write a short description of themselves and share it […]

News Verification Workshop
Sikanderpur  •  December 16, 2019  •  4pm to 6.00pm

How to identify and debunk fake news? How does fake content travel, and what is the extent of harm it can cause? Digital and Broadcast journalist, and Google Certified News Verifier, Shweta Bhandral Khanna will answer the questions, and more with the aim to develop sensibilities towards media and what it can do. The workshop […]

Music and Association Workshop
Sikanderpur  •  December 1, 2019  •  2pm to 3.30pm

Sound Anthropologist Sebanti Chaterjee will engage members in discussions on music revolving around their memories. They will share their experiences, memories with songs and pieces of music creating a catalogue of associations.

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