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The Community Library Project believes all people should have access to books. We are a low-cost, volunteer-driven, citizen initiative. We are committed to the work of building the movement for a publicly owned, free library system that is accessible to all.

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Our Student Council

The student council, made up of committed members are leaders and advocates in the library movement. The Student Council is responsible for the circulation program, for doing read alouds, for creating and implementing programs with the help of staff and volunteers.

  • Keeping tabs on circulation is a serious responsibility
  • Helping out at an arts and crafts event
  • Making sure read aloud sessions are fun
  • Making sure all member data is up to date 
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From Our Journal

Kaza Public Library Status Report

Spiti Valley is a cold desert mountain region. Located at an altitude of 3,800 mts above sea level, it is considered inaccessible by many. The place is cut off for almost 8 months in a year. Let’s Open a Book is currently working with over 25 government primary schools in this area, helping them set […]

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Why India Needs A Library Movement

Tushar pushes against weight. He might be eight or nine years old, wiry, muscled. He has a large head with lashes of disproportionate length, even for his large eyes. He insists he will read “this book,” and only “this book.” On this day, “this book” is the thickest of the volumes in the Harry Potter series […]

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Events At The Libraries

Read aloud sessions, arts and crafts time and talks by special guests. Events at our libraries are fun, informative and inclusive.

Remembering The Diversity Of India
Sikanderpur  •  August 25, 2019  •  2.30pm to 5.30pm

What is India without its plural society, secular fabric, embracing of its diversities! Documentary filmmaker Nakul Singh Sawhney of ChalChitra Abhiyaan will discuss with our community members in a session that is open to all. It will follow the screening of Tahaan, a fable about childhood innocence in conflict-torn Kashmir.

Human - Animal Relationship: The Art Way
Sheikh Sarai  •  August 17, 2019  •  2pm to 3pm

Drawing activity based workshop conducted by Preeti Singh, volunteer, STRAW (Stray Relief And Animal Welfare) India will highlight human relationship with animals and environment. Through the medium of drawings, participants will learn about compassion towards animals.

Human-Animal Relationship: The Art Way
Sikanderpur  •  August 11, 2019  •  3pm to 4pm

Preeti Singh, volunteer with STRAW (Stray Relief And Animal Welfare) India will conduct a drawing activity based workshop to explore human relationship with animals and environment. Participants express their creativity through drawings while learning more about compassion towards animals.

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