Legacy Giving

Write your own Legacy, for their Right to Read!

Legacy Giving is an opportunity to leave a lasting and meaningful impact on the future generations. By helping organizations establish a stable financial foundation that endures beyond the lifetime of current supporters, Legacy Gifts help in future planning, expansion of programs, and strengthening of the mission and commitment to the movement.

Legacy Giving to TCLP’s free libraries is not just about creating access to books, but also underlining your commitment to social justice through equal spaces that envision an equitable future for generations. Your support is thus a testament to your belief in equal access to information, and a lasting investment in the just society you want to see.

For over 10 years, TCLP has been running three libraries in Delhi-NCR that are free and open to all. Our excellent community libraries serve more than 10,000 members and aim to keep evolving depending on the changing requirements of our community. Duniya Sabki, our digital library, College Ka Haq, and the Adult Literacy program are some of our initiatives, which reflect that.

We are proud to be a part of the Free Libraries Network – FLN, a coalition of free library organizations and practitioners. The network acts in solidarity on matters of policy and issues regarding access to knowledge resources. Together, we remain strong, in our movement for a publicly owned, free library system in India.

Your generous Legacy Gift will be a sustainable source to help us:

  • Keep building access to curated collections of books for our growing membership to support their Right To Read.
  • Further, develop a research-based curriculum based around reading with fluency.
  • Undertake modifications in our libraries to address accessibility of persons with disabilities. 
  • Secure a permanent space for at least one of our libraries so it remains a safe space for our members. 

Your Legacy Gift can have a lasting impact by providing access to children and adults to resources they have been denied for generations. 

Please let us know that you have included us in your will, so we can express our gratitude, and keep you updated about our work. You can also write to us in case you need any assistance with your Legacy Gift at tclpfinance@gmail.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your will is the legal document that details how your personal assets and wealth will be distributed after your death. It is advisable to seek legal help and register the will to ensure that your wishes are met.  Any person or organization that will be the recipient of your personal assets or wealth is a ‘legatee’. You can leave Legacy Gifts, as small and large as you wish, and in various forms, to make an impact on the future.
You don’t have to make a new will to leave a gift to TCLP. Your current will can be supplemented to add the new bequest through a legal document – Codicil. It needs to be signed just like the will, and is read in conjunction with it. 
There are several types of gifts you can leave to TCLP in your will:
  •  Monetary gift of a certain amount, which allows you full control of how much you would like to give.
  •  A share of your estate, after you have bequeathed to your loved ones. The residuary estate remains in proportion because it is a percentage.
  •  You can donate special items including a house, land, valuable artefacts like paintings, jewellery etc.
  •  You can also give a gift in memory of a loved one, to honour their passion for books, reading, and leave a lasting tribute in their name.
Yes you can add TCLP as a beneficiary to your life insurance policies or unused retirement assets including fixed deposits and term accounts.  You can also create a TCLP corpus fund, which will be invested in secured payments and the interest gained will be used to continue our initiatives.
Your Legacy Gift will help us continue our work of building access to books by growing our collection, and expand the community-based programming. We will work towards securing permanent library spaces for our members and make them universally accessible. If you have any program in mind, we will strive to assign your gift towards it. 

Our Legacy Donors

The Community Library Project
Dharam Bhavan, C-13 Housing Society
South Extension Part -1
New Delhi - 110049
Donations to The Community Library Project are exempt from tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Tax exemption is only valid in India.
Illustrations provided by Priya Kuriyan.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
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