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At The Community Library Project, we critically examine the hierarchies of literacy and connectivity of the world we live in. Through our Digital Equity and Media Department, we imagine what equitable relationships with digital technologies can look like and we work to create digital spaces which are for all in the library.

Duniya Sabki

Duniya Sabki includes all the digital platforms across which we tell our stories ourselves. Through our presence on WhatsApp, Telegram, YouTube, our website, and of course our branch libraries, we advocate for better digital worlds of which we are co-creators.

We create regular, relevant, agitational, low-internet use accessible media in multiple formats to organise around access to books, reading, and social and digital justice.

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  • Our Duniya Sabki Website-based library is under reconstruction. We will update you soon!

Our community-made media is co-created in the spaces of the library branches. The videos, audios, and posts you see across our channels emerge out of various processes that take place in TCLP's Editorial Team, Coding Group, Cyber Project, Social Media Team, our College Ka Haq networks, workshops on creating digital media, our engagements with educators and collaborations with other organisations, trainings, field visits, and more.

Library members and their families use Duniya Sabki to access and share reliable information about healthcare, school and college admissions, free public services, as well as reading material and read-alouds, library news, and powerful video and audio programs that speak directly to members’ own stories and experiences. Referred to as 'DS' by members, this project reaches members in low-internet use, multiple accessible formats directly on their phones, building an online space where members can exercise the right to read, to think critically through stories, and share their own. 

Cyber Project

Cyber Project is our rights-based digital access and learning program. The Digital Equity and Media Department works closely with the physical branches to realise a digital library curriculum to support members to read, create, and write their own stories on and through the internet with freedom and with choice. The curriculum equips members about digital rights, emphasising privacy and autonomy in how we navigate digital technologies.

When members begin to use digital technologies and the internet, the library is a space for all to feel welcome, supported, safe, and creative. That is what our Cyber Project introduction page does- it welcomes our members as they start up the laptops.

The Cyber Project introduction page was developed by and for our library community. It can be accessed here. (Desktop only)

We are constantly expanding and tweaking our programming. Do you want to share resources, collaborate, do workshops, or co-create material?
Write to and we will get back to you!

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Illustrations provided by Priya Kuriyan.
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