Our Lives Matter!

26th November 2020

Where do you live?
OH! Slots are not available in the lab

It’s urgent!
Your location is not on our map

But it’s urgent and my right too

You the people living on the periphery
Do not dare to ask and claim for things and rights

But it’s my right to life and access to healthcare!
Things which belong to significant, mattered lives!


How dare you even think of being next to us
You will never be ‘mattered’
We make sure of that
To keep you on the margins and eventually drop off the periphery

My intellect, education, knowledge, awareness scares you?
First you called me untouchable, then illiterate, insignificant, uncivilised…..
Weren’t you scared of us then and terribly afraid today too?

Why did they refuse to come? I feel bad, that was weird, it shouldn’t be done.
Do we need your sympathy? Not anymore!
Can you feel my anger inside you? 
Can you stand against my discrimination, exclusion, injustice, inequity…
... this conspiracy??????


This piece was written in rage, as testimonial to the inequities of casteism that make sure that, even in a pandemic, there is a vast majority of us who will not receive our basic human rights & dignity.

Illustration by Swetha G. Nambiar

Bhawna is a librarian & library activist with The Community Library Project.
The Community Library Project
Dharam Bhavan, C-13 Housing Society
South Extension Part -1
New Delhi - 110049
Donations to The Community Library Project are exempt from tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Tax exemption is only valid in India.
Illustrations provided by Priya Kuriyan.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
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